1385 West 6th Street
Jasper, Indiana 47546
Precious Blood Church title.  All are welcome in this place.
Pastor - Father Gary Kaiser

The Precious Blood Men's and Women's Choirs provide and lead songs at the 8:00 am Sunday Liturgy and on all major feasts and solemn days.

The Choirs consist of a core of charter members and many volunteers. The group meets weekly for practice. interested persons are invited to join.

Other song groups are organized for certain occasions. The Resurrection Choir sings for funeral. The folk group provide and lead songs at the 5:30 pm Mass on Saturday.

Parishioners give their time and talent as song leaders and instrumentalists at 10:30 am Mass on Sundays. Persons interested in any part of the music ministry are welcome.

The Hospitality Ministry is a very important ministry. Teams of four volunteers greet and welcome parishioners and visitors before Mass, perform the duties of taking up the collection during Mass and passing our bulletins at the end of Mass. They are sensitive to the needs of our parishioners and visitors who may need their assistance during Mass. They are assigned to carry out this ministry during a Mass they usually attend on the weekends and on Holy Days. They are scheduled on a rotation basis which provides them the opportunity to serve in this ministry several times throughout the year. Training for this ministry is provided.

A decorating committee meets to place, prepare and do the work that results in visual help for prayer. Extra work crew volunteer many hours to make the special feasts and seasons a beautiful sight.


Men and women are encouraged to serve as Eucharistic Ministers. Periodic meetings are held to instruct persons interested in volunteering for this ministry. Ministers assist in the distribution of Communion at all Masses.


Sacristans prepare the sacred vessels, set up the altar, credence and gift table for Mass on the weekend. They oversee that all ministers are present for their particular ministry during the Mass they are assigned. The sacristan ministry also includes cleaning the sacred vessels after Mass, preparing for the next Mass or putting everything in its place after the final Mass on the weekend. Sacristans volunteer their services on a rotation basis for the Mass they usually attend. Training is available for all new sacristans, who are usually also Eucharistic Ministers.


Parishioners who are interested in serving as Lectors for all masses are welcome. Schedules are prepared with an attempt to meet the individual's schedule.


Young men and women from the sixth grade through high school assist the parish as altar servers during Mass. Three servers are assigned for Saturday and Sunday Masses while more assist on special occasions. New servers are trained at school Masses or during the summer for those not attending Precious Blood School. All young men and women are welcome and encouraged to participate as Mass servers.